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Political Science: Find Articles & Databases

Subject Research Guide
Subjects: Law, Political Science

Research Databases for Political Science and Related Fields

What is google scholar? How should I use it?

Google Scholar is a time-saving, scholarly search interface accessible from within the Google interface. With Google Scholar, you can access peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book sections.  For literature searching, specialized databases have more functionality and access more comprehensive results, but Google Scholar is a good tool to search for a known item.

To customize your interface for Iona resources, click "Scholar Preferences" and search the "Library Links" area for Iona College. Search results will now link to Iona resources if we have the full-text of the article available. Why do this? Most search results in Google Scholar will ask you to pay to access the article. 

Find Full Text

Locating the full text of an article:

  • From a database citation, look for a link to "full text" or the Iona icon
  • Even if full text is not available you will be given further options like checking Google Scholar or requesting the article from Interlibrary Loan
  • Video Tutorial on using Find Full-Text

Multidisciplinary Databases

Database Search Tips

Here are tips for better search results in databases. This usage works on most databases, but check 'Help' sections or ask a librarian for supported search syntax.

Boolean: (using connectors: and, or, not)
  • mother and father - searches for occurrences of both words within scope defined
  • mother or father - searches for one or all, but both are not required
  • mother not father - searches for occurrences of the word mother without use of the word father
  • (mother not father) and family - searches for occurrences of the word "mother" without the use of the word "father" and then also requires the word "family"
art*  - searches for art, arts, artist, artistic, artistry, artful, etc. 

m?n  - searches for man and men