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History: HST 497 Special Sources (History Seminar / Br. Morgan)

Subject Research Guide

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Search for your topic, treaty, document, or event here, first.  Look for names of country(ies) involved, time period, alternative name(s) for treaty / document or event, names of people closely involved such as political leaders.  Write these down and search for these as well.

Primary and Secondary Sources

Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources video courtesy of EasyBib.

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)

Caveat:  Latest available hard copy is 1968.  Latest available electronic appears to be 1988.  Back volumes are being digitized, so electronic date coverage will become more recent over time.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Resources

Note that just about every government agency has its own FOIA site including forms for requesting information.  You might try a search in google inputting the name of a specific agency and adding foia or "freedom of information act".  


fema foia
fema "freedom of information act"

If documents not available at site you are brought to, try going to the main agency web site and searching within the site (most sites have a search box) or just look around to see if any area of the agency site provides documents or a library or reading room. In example above (FEMA) go to main FEMA site and look around for documentation area.