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Religious Studies: Electronic Books

Subject Research Guide


Google has digitized literally thousands of electronic books in all subject areas. 
Those which are no longer under copyright may be read in their entirety. Many of those under copyright provide fairly extensive but limited previews of the book.
Use search box below to identify possible books of interest.

Google Books Information

Iona College Libraries may own print version of books digitized by Google.  Look for the "Find in a Library" link (usually on left side of screen) when you're displaying a book.  Make sure zip code is set to 10801 (iona zip code).  If we own the book, you will be taken to our library catalog where you will see the call number of the book as well as its availability status.

Possible viewing optoins for books digitized by google include:

FULL PREVIEW (you can read the entire book!  Book is noncopyrighted or out-of-copyright)
PREVIEW (formerly called Limited Preview).  These books have significant portions available for reading)
SNIPPET VIEW (only a few sentences containing your search words are available)
NO PREVIEW (only bibliographic informaiton is available)


Iona College Libraries offer a large collection of electronic books including some which are religious studies titles.  Check to see if we have any in your subject area of interest.

METHOD #1 -- Search the eBook Collection on EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary) database of electronic books which Iona has access to directly. 
You may also search the Gale Virtual Reference Library database of electronic books which we also have access to.

METHOD #2 -- Search Google Books, Hathi Trust, or other digital electronic book repositories.  See links to these in left and right columns of this page.


Electronic Book Research Databases Available at Iona College

Search for books in eBook Collection on EBSCOhost (formerly NetLibrary)

Iona provides access to thousands of e-books from eBook Collection on EBSCOhost.  These books may be read in their entirety. Note that if you are off campus and you click on link above, you may be asked to provide your Iona username and password.

Search for Referrence books such as encyclopedias and dictionaries in Gale Virtual Reference Library
Many of these are scholarly resources and most are subject-specialized as well.