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Criminal Justice: CRJ 325 Strategies and Tips

Subject Research Guide

Search Tips

When searching for information about specific police corruption cases, try searching for:

  • specific name of scandal or person involved in scandal (either as perpetrator or victim) or document name, court or commission name if known.  Note that putting words or terms in quotes keeps words together and specifies specific word order, e.g. 
    • "abner louima" 
    • "louima, abner"
    • "rampart scandal" or "rampart division scandal"
    • "mollen commission"
  • It may also be helpful to search for the broader issue of police corruption and possibly add "case studies" or "cases" to your search.  Your specific case of interest may be included in a larger work such as a book on police corruption.  Here are some suggestions:
    • "police corruption"    (or possibly "police corruption"  "case studies")
    • Terms such as:
      • "police scandals"
      • "police brutality"
      • "police misconduct"
      • "police ethics"
    • Add cases or "case studies" to above terms, e.g. "police misconduct" "case studies"
  • You may try combining terms such as police corruption with the name of a person involved, department involved, etc.
    • louima police scandal
    • rampart division scandal police

Carefully examine books and articles of interest not only for the information they provide, but for REFERENCES, BIBLIOGRAPHIES, and RECOMMENDED RESOURCES for further reading / information.  One good source may lead to others.

Iona WorldCat

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Specific Cases Assigned

The following specific cases and topics have been assigned to groups in this class, for Spring 2014.

  • Crown Heights Riots (Brooklyn, NY 1991)
  • Danziger Bridge shootings / trial  (New Orleans 2005)
  • Amadou Diallo (New York 1999)
  • Livoti / Baez (New York 1994)
  • Abner Louima (New York 1997)
  • Mollen Commission (New York. Report 1994)
  • Rampart Division, LAPD (Los Angeles, CA. note also term CRASH Anti-Gang unit LAPD 1997).  Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums

SEE BOX IN RIGHT COLUMN "Examples of Resources on Specific Scandals and Topic of Police Corruption" FOR LINKS TO DOCUMENTS, BOOKS, AND ARTICLES ON THESE CASES AND TOPICS.


Recommended Research Databases and Specific Sources

You may search Iona WorldCat to search for books, articles, multimedia materials owned by Iona as well as other libraries.
Use the WorldCat search box in middle column to do this.

Examples of Resources on Specific Scandals and Topic of Police Corruption

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Examples of Books and Articles

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