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HST 301 The Study of History: course description from college catalog

An introduction to methodology and historiography. Methods of research and writing are practiced on the basis of readings in primary and secondary sources and in the works of great historians, past and present. The great historical writings will be treated in terms of their literary merits, and great historiographical controversies will be discussed. Selected problems in the theory and philosophy of history will be raised. Career opportunities for students majoring in history will be explored in light of the departmental curriculum.  Must be taken no later than junior year for majors.


The Theme for HST 301 this semester is WOMEN'S HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY.
Dr. Catherine Stratton is the course instructor.
Students will choose a specific woman and find biographical and other information about her.


  1. Find at least 11 books and 10 articles each of which is specifically on your woman of interest.
    • Use WorldCat as well as specific research databases to find these publications. 
    • Click gold tabs in this research guide "Find Books & Multimedia" and "Find Articles & Databases"
    • Feel free to consult a Reference Librarian for assistance.  Click gold tab "Getting More Help" for more information.
    • You may request publications Iona does not own using our Interlibrary Loan service.  Click "Getting More Help" for more information.
  2. Carefully check each book and article you find.  Look for footnotes and bibliographies.  These will help you identify specific additional books and articles about your woman of interest.
  3. Consult Dr. Stratton if you are unable to find at least 11 books and/or 10 articles on the specific woman you are researching. 
  4. You will need Dr. Stratton's permission to use books or articles which are only partly about your specific woman of interest.

Research Librarian Guide

Adrienne Franco
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