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Fine & Performing Arts: Web Resources

Subject Research Guide -- School of Arts & Science, Fine and Performing Arts Department

Web Resources for Performing Arts

Performance rights organizations (PRO's) provide intermediary functions, particularly royalty collection, between copyright holders and parties who wish to use copyrighted works publicly in locations such as shopping and dining venues. Below are links to the most prominent US PRO's.

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Web Resources for Fine Arts

Almost all major museums and archives in the world now have an online catalogs containing digital images of physical works in the collection of the institution.  These catalogs can generally be accessed through the museum's website. They searchable in the same way that textual databases are searchable, and they provide detailed information about key art objects. Some of my favorite examples are as follows:

An industry standard for information catalogers and researchers, the Getty vocabularies are intended to provide terminology and other information about the objects, artists, concepts, and places important to various disciplines that specialize in art, architecture, and material culture.

For information on other arts projects and events taking place within the Iona community, visit the website for the Iona College Council on the Arts »

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