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Fine & Performing Arts: Getting Started

Subject Research Guide -- School of Arts & Science, Fine and Performing Arts Department

Print Reference Sources for Fine & Performing Arts

Cover art of American theatre: a chronicle of comedy and drama, 1869-1914 links to book record
Cover art for A Moon for the Misbegotten on the American Stage that links to record
Cover art for The Oxford Companion to American Theatre, links to record
Cover art for History of the American Stage, links to record
Cover art McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama Volumes 1-5, Second Edition, link to record
Cover art for The Drama Dictionary, click for record
Cover art for Oxford Companion to the Theatre, view record
Cover art for 100 monologues : an audition sourcebook from new dramatists
Cover art for Monologues for women
Cover art for One on one : the best men's monologues for the nineties
Cover art for Soliloquy! : the Shakespeare monologues (women)
Cover art for Soliloquy! : the Shakespeare monologues (men)
Cover art for The Scenebook for Actors
Cover art for Voices of Color
Cover art for Duo!

Where in the library are books on the Arts?

Books on the Fine and Performing Arts are found in Dewey Decimal Number sections: 

  • 700-709: The Arts - Philosophy and Theory
  • 710-719: Civic & Landscape Art
  • 720-729: Architecture
  • 730-739: Sculpture
  • 740-749: Drawing & Decorative Arts
  • 750-759: Painting & Paintings
  • 760-769: Printmaking & Prints
  • 770-779: Photography
  • 780-789: Music
  • 791-792: Film & Television
  • 793-794: Dance
  • 800-819: Drama
  • 900-999: History (Divided by parts of the world)

The 700's  are found in Ryan Library, 3rd Floor, West Wing.  
The 800's are found in the Ryan Library, 2nd Floor, East Wing
The 900's are found in Ryan Library, 2nd Floor, West Wing.