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Renovations and Library Materials With Call Numbers 830-999: INTRODUCTION

Describes options for obtaining library books with call numbers in this range during renovations from October 15th through early January 2011.
Subjects: Libraries

Call Number Areas Affected

830 Literature of Germanic
840 Literature of Romance
850 Italian, Romanian, Rhaeto-
860 Spanish & Portuguese literature
870 Italic literature Latin 880 Hellenic literature Classical
890 Literatures of other languages 900 Geography & History
910 Geography & travel 920-928 Collective Biography
929 Genealogy, insignia 930 History of ancient world
940 General history of Europe 950-952, 954, 957-959 History of Asia
953, 955-956
History of the Middle East 960 General history of Africa
970 General history of North America 980 General history of South America
990 General history of other areas

Books in Storage


On October 15, 2010, books in Ryan Library with call numbers ranging from 830 through 999 WHICH ARE HOUSED IN THE 900s ROOM    on the 2nd Floor, were put in storage and will not be available to library patrons until early January 2011. During this time, the 900s room will undergo renovations.

  1. Books in this call number range which are kept in other Ryan Library locations will continue to be available in their respective locations.  
    If a call number begins with R (Reference), Q (Oversize), and I (Irish Collection).
  2. Books in this call number range which are at Arrigoni and Rockland Graduate Campus libraries.
  3. Ryan books kept on RESERVE with call numbers in this range will continue to be available at Ryan Help Desk.
  4. Ryan books in this call number range which are returned after 10/15/10 where cataloging record includes location statement "Temporarily shelved at Ryan Help Desk - 830-999 Recently Returned Section". 
    Ask for these at Ryan Help Desk.

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